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45 min Japanese Hot Stone Therapy

45 min Japanese Hot Stone Therapy

The Ganbanyoku or traditional Japanese hot stone therapy is a truly unique experience.

Ganbanyoku, which means bedrock bathing in Japanese, uses a special magma stone to heat the body from the outside in. The stones release infrared rays and negative ions, to speed up the release of toxins from the body through perspiration.

Pressure points around the body that are in contact with the stone are stimulated to alleviate joint, muscular and nerve pain. The stones are kept between 42° to 44° C, and the ambient humidity at between 62 to 65%, providing a comfortable temperature that is both safe and enjoyable.

Be rewarded by simply laying down on a warm stone floor.

Find out more about our Ganbanyoku room at Bliss.

Only available at Bliss in the City, 4F/Atrium on Elliot, Auckland CBD.

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